Friday, October 8, 2010

hi all! :)

hi there! its me, PD, i am currently busy making bags for u guys, sometimes it will takes my concentrate towards sewing more than everything. so please wait until i have break time for email :)

so here for now the que, i just group it into 5 batch, so i will post post item follow the batch k :)

Batch 1 ( tracking number will update starting 13 Oct)
Miss fifa
Miss haffah
Miss lara zahra
Miss ema
Miss Marisa
Miss Farhana Yahya

Batch 2 (20 Oct)
Miss Farah hanani
Miss Suraya Nabilah
Miss Fatinz
Miss Nicholas
Miss Izzati Omar
Mr Capak

Batch 3(27 Oct)
Mr Ainal
Miss Syira
Miss Zanariah
Miss Amalina
Miss Farhana Z
Miss Liza

Batch 4(3 Nov)
Miss faten adawiyah
Miss mariam
Miss eylia
Miss Nurul
Miss Corry Nelson
Miss Amalina
Miss Madya

Batch 5(10 Nov)
Miss Zuhaili
Miss Lily
Miss Anyslola
Miss Maziah
Mizz Wahida
Miss husna
Miss Rozita
Miss Azfarini

i will close for a while the que order since i need to do all pending order first. :)



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