Friday, February 5, 2010

*hey!* :)

hey, its 1.34 am already, and im still here, awake, sewing. haha. yes, currently busy now, as my sewing machine was broke down last week, it has delayed all the order and sewing progress.
today,i just done 3 of Tororo Sling bags ordered by MissQiqi, and theres a lot of order still Que up.

here the status for now [oh im doing this to remind me the que. hihi:) ]

1.Miss Farah- a make up bag: ready to be post :)
2.Miss Nabila - PD Rainbow Brooch : uh, i just gt the material from supplier, so, wait yah!
3.Miss Qiqi - 3 Tororo Sling ( ready) 6thFeb
I Love My Lappy/laptop sleeve (done cutting)
Sling My Laptop/Laptop bag ( haven't start yet)
4.Miss Lisa - The Tote (only strap part left) 8thFeb
5.MR E - Diary (65% done) Feb
6.Miss Farhana - Tororo Sling (20%) 11thFeb
Diaper Bag (done cutting)
7.Miss Farhah - The Shoulder TS6 (done cutting) 11thFeb
8.Miss Azeemah - Make Up Bag (done cutting) 12thFeb
9.Miss Hanim -PD Handbag (Strap part left ) 13thFeb
10.Miss Mimi - The shoulder TS7 (haven't start yet) 14thFeb
11.Miss Ariza - The Tote ( haven't start yet) 16thFeb
12.Miss Farah Aini - Florist Polka ( haven't start,pending ) 17thFeb
13.Miss Kamilah -PD Handbag (haven't start) 17thFeb

is it scary to see the list of orders? yah, as i am scared, but i know that i have the "weekend's power". haha. what i mean by "weekends power" is, i might finish all of order only on weekends. weird isnt it? yah, it just weekend is the best time for me to work as a sewing girl, as my weekdays is full with class.,uh ya, i am having my final semester for my course. so it a lil bit busy for weekdays.Furthermore, i am going to my hometown every weekend, so i could fill time by sewing! :)

Just because of my sewing machine was broke down,i need to postpone all my project i planned.
whats in my mind? im about to take Monday as a free give away day, and i am about to create 2 new style bags for girls, eh not 2, but 3. im about to try a backpack, and also.. also..creating some item for men? but for now, my plan is still 'plan', so first of all, i need to wait for some material from the suppliers. i just found a place offered the magnetic snap with a low price! here the place: snazzynsuch. :) i am about to change my snap button with magnetic snap for more convenience:) hope to get the material soon!
Just for sharing,here the place where u may buy many cute and fancy cotton fabric, at Sunway Pyramid ( uh i just found this cool craft-shop!), anna patchwork house. The fabric price is start with Rm8 only! :)

and to all, thanks a lot! for supporting me as the PD is reach her 1 and a half year age :)
and also..thanks to my best-friend and my assistants!: my lovely house mates always love to help me making the PD Brooch! aha~

PD! (^_^)


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